November 11, 2013 Daniella Larez

What is the top thing to do in Miami in 2014?

When my wife (then girlfriend) and I first moved to Miami, the restaurant scene was booming but yet lacked the flavors and authenticity from the major cities we were accustomed to. Having spent time in Paris, New York City and Boston, the Miami restaurants simply couldn’t live up to my expectations. Things have really begun to change over the last few years with not just good food, but GREAT food.

Once a scenester only restaurant scene has now become a culinary destination for foodies and serious mixologists. That is why the top thing to do in Miami in 2014 is, go out to eat.

What is your favorite restaurant? Have you tried our famous 305 burger? What was your restaurant experience in Miami in 2005?
Regency 305 Burger

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