New Car Fleet | Volvo S 60 – Regency Hotel Miami

Volvo Rental Car MiamiWelcome to our new car fleet in Regency Hotel Miami. 6  Brand  new Volvo S 60 are waiting for you to enjoy your stay in Miami with Regency Hotel. Let’s see why Volvo S 60  is considered to be one of  the most safe and stylish cars in the world.

The new 2014 Volvo S 60 appears with an updated design.  Volvo emphasized its сorporate Scandinavian  design, which is slightly different from the previous models . When designers were creating front lamps for the new car – they took  wolf eyes as a design model . New front lamps  and restyled radiator grill make a fabulous design for S 60 model.  Inside, designers paid attention to each aspect, suggesting combination of two materials ; wood and leather.   New,easy-to-use management tools help the driver  to maximize control during usage.   Moreover ,  new Volvo has comfortable seats with a comfortable support which will make  any  long journey to  become invisible.

New Volvo S60 – one of the most safe cars in the world .

Despite the  already familiar modern systems of active and passive safety, the possibility of the Volvo S60 went far beyond the boundaries. Unique and innovative system “City Safety”, installed on the S60, will allow the driver to get maximum driving pleasure, taking care of  people inside the vehicle and  other road participants, including pedestrians.Early warning system for traffic also uses  radar at the back of the car. When the driver turns back, the speed radars are designed to warn drivers of other vehicles moving towards the same  direction. This is very helpful in  parking lots or in places with limited space.

Rear view of our Volvo S 6- Rental car

Sensus Connected Touch  system is the newest Volvo’s development in the technology communication sphere.

Sensus Connected Touch provides a means of communication and access to the internet in the car through a  7-inch touch screen . The car  has built-in car electronic device or a 3G/4G mobile phone driver.

The user gets access to the internet , internet radio (TuneIn and Orange Live Radio – the thousands of channels from all over the world), online maps (Google) and search tools, built-in 3D navigation with online information about traffic and warnings about dangerous areas. In addition to that it has a  search function of free on-site parking, weather information and access  to a variety of applications and App Store (to download and updated apps).

In addition to all these features,Volvo S 60 is a very economical car. If you drive in  a city it’s 18-21 miles per gallon and on a highway it’s 27-30 miles per gallon.

Regency Hotel is offering  many different options and promotions for renting these cars.”Drive and Safe”, Room+Car for rent  – 15% off as well as Bed+Breakfast+car. For more information please contact the hotel  or check  the hotel website.

Guest Service Hero

Demand for our Dolphin Mall daily shuttle was through the roof on the Friday before Easter. Guests looking to shop from all across the world crowded the lobby, much to our surprise there around 100 people waiting gathering before the normal departure time.

Unfortunately, we run shuttles to the airport every 30 minutes and wouldn’t have enough drivers to accommodate all of our guests.  Management was notified and then….

Without blinking an eye, our very own Jose Miguel (Guest Services Director) abandoned his desk and jumped into one of our shuttles in order to make sure no guest was stuck in the lobby waiting.

Jose Miguel

Thanks for your commitment to our guests Jose Miguel!  Let us know how we can help you plan your shopping adventure in Miami!