April 2, 2013 Daniella Larez

Regency Rental Car – Save 14% or More while Bundling your Car/Room

At the Regency, we offer our guests the easiest way to rent a car. After arriving into Miami Airport simply take our shuttle directly to the hotel. It leaves the property every 30 minutes. After arriving, take your time and check into your room. Drop off you luggage and enjoy an iced tea at the pool. When you are ready, you can rent one of our brand new Honda Accords right in the hotel lobby.  To promote this service we have a brand new package that combines your room and car rates together.  This can be an incredible savings. You save 14-40%!

To check availability, details and pricing go directly to our pricing engine here.

Rent a Honda Accord easily at Miami Airport

Rent a Honda Accord easily at Miami Airport

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