November 19, 2013 Daniella Larez

What is next at the Regency Hotel

This has been a transformative year for the Regency Hotel Miami.  You spoke and we listened to every comment that was made. In fact, based on our guest feedback we prioritized the amazing renovations that are taking place everyday at the Regency.  While we are still workingon being the best hotel we can possibly be for our guests there are more exciting changes around the corner.

This year we have taken on some gigantic projects, here is a list of a few of them:

  • New “sound proof” sliding glass doors.  We purchased double insulated sliding glass doors to absolutely minimize all sounds we possibly could.  The result has been dramatic and we rarely now hear from guests talking about noisy neighbors or the sound of air conditioning
  • New carpeting in 4 of 5 guest floors.  We bought super cool carpeting, to take a look visit our homepage: miami airport hotel.
  • Repainted guest rooms.  This is ongoing and roughly 55% of the entire inventory has been repainted.
  • Misc: New beds and sinks can now be found throughout the hotel.
  • New restaurant, same name.  We totally rethought the menu down to the very concept.  We now focus on a more affordable latin take on American cuisine. The centerpiece of which is the 305 burger which centers around an angus beef and chorizo mix with all the normal toppings and a cilantro sauce. The results are mouth watering.
  • Automatic call forwarding: Our agents were sometimes overwhelmed at the hotel and guests were occasionally left with voicemail. Now we are automatically forwarding calls if they are not picked up after a certain amount of time.
  • New car fleet. The 2013 Accords were really nice, the 2014 Volvos are even nicer.
  • New pool furniture
  • Better landscaping
  • HD big screen TV located in the Le Jeune room.
  • And many other items behind the scenes that improve your experience like new signage, equipment, music, better products and training.

Future upgrades include:

  • Redesigned lobby (skylights, new furniture, speakers and maybe even a signature scent).
  • Completion of the carpeting
  • Complete repainting of all guest rooms
  • New speaker and sound system
  • New computers and desk for the business center
  • Upgraded, enlarged pool deck.
  • Bathroom improvements
  • Much more
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